First we are children of God, second we are servants to people, and third we are Leaders.
— Strong Tower Worship

LANDON & KRISTA SARTIn - worship pastors

Landon and Krista Sartin are artists in residence serving Strong Tower in music development and worship training. Their hearts are to champion the vision of Strong Tower Church. They are developing a spirit of excellence and producing original music that can minister to the hearts of the people, and to the culture around us. They have a passion to accomplish these goals by empowering  people who have a drive to grow and build on a foundation of hard work and faithfulness to the Vision.

Strong Tower Church believes that growing people change, and that the faith to surrender time, talent, and treasure leaves us in a position to grow as a team, and as individuals. 

Landon and Krista make a home in the Nashville area with their 5 children. Passion for their family fuels their hearts to include this church and worship team in a part of their journey.  The vision of Strong Tower Worship is One Vision - One Voice...with each of us loving and serving one another to accomplish the vision as a Church, and develop our God given voice as a team. Landon and Krista are looking to build a team that is family. 


Tara Gregory - worship leader westmoreland

Tara is the worship leader at Strong Tower’s Westmoreland Campus.  She is passionate about living out Strong Tower’s vision to share the love of Christ with everyone, so that everyone will fall in love with Him. Her heart is to live that mission everyday by sharing her gifts to those around her so that hearts can be opened and lives can be changed.  She has always had a gift and love for music, but now her pursuit of Jesus and serving others is taking her gifts to a whole new level.  She makes her home in Westmoreland with her husband Josh and their son Myles. 

One Vision. One Voice.


Emily donnelly - worship leader lafayette

Emily is wife to Tom Donnelly and they live in Lafayette, TN where she serves as the worship leader over Strong Tower’s Lafayette campus.  Emily's love for ministry began at a young age, and she has served in youth ministry for a number of years.  Over time, that passion has shifted towards worship.  Emily is passionate about people awakening the power of worship in their lives; using their worship to declare God’s word and have victory over their struggles. Emily has a passion to serve God’s people in whatever way that she can, and her goal is to live out these principles to the best of her abilities.